NASA- SCaN Decade of Light Exhibit

  • DECADE OF LIGHT: A Space Communications and Navigation Exhibit

    "Decade of Light" is an interactive display that shares with visitors fun activities for learning about how NASA missions communicate with Earth. This permanent exhibit, located in Greenbelt, Maryland, hosts four educational panels with visually dynamic screens highlighting space communications technology, including a sneak peek at next-generation technologies.
  • "Future" Module UI/UX Design
    (mobile and desktop version coming soon)
  • "Decade of Light" Exhibit Credits

    Project Manager: Tara Dulaney, Amber Jacobson, and Ashley Hume
    Technical Writers: Ashley Hume, Katie Schauer, and Danny Baird
    Photographer: Amber Jacobson
    Lead Graphic Designer: Todd Googins
    Animator/Graphic Designer: Reese Patillo
    Coders: Dylan Cristy, Ismenia Perez-Bone, Will Varner
  • View Live Case Study: Decade of Light Exhibit
    Copy and images were provided by NASA/GSFC