eko — environmentally friendly investment

  • eko is a web service initiated at BitCamp Hackathon 2018. Our team approached issues regarding environmental consequences of business investment by designing a web service that presents users the ecological cost of their investments. Although the environmental impact of a company is valuable for investors and consumers, information on this matter is hard to find and difficult to interpret. Without sufficient data on companies, investors and consumers are misguided to make highly priced mistakes.

    During the 36 hours at BitCamp, we built a program that scrapes through publicly available data on businesses' environmental impact and created an algorithm for ranking each company based on carbon emission, water policy, deforestation, and so forth.

    The investor facing interface aims for professionalism and simplicity, allowing users to learn about our service, quickly find companies of interest, understand a company's ecological footprint, and compare the environmental agenda of various companies. Using color-coding and tags, eko presents complex data in an sharp and clean manner.
  • eko was made during Bitcamp 2018. 
  • The eko visual branding speaks to themes of sustainability and the environment. The logo design is derived from visual elements such a the Earth, water droplets and circles. Color choices are inspired by clarity, purity and greenness.