These are illustrations I did about the cities I stayed in Mexico: Merida and the D.F. I wanted to describe these places with some of the elements that caught my attention the most. Some of the illustrations were developed to accompanied text that I wrote using old urban stories from the cities, while in others I wrote a journal of some of the places that amazed e the most. I also did a map of the places I visited in a very particular way. I also did an illustration of a facade which is something that really inspired me. I have a Patreon with my wife and we are sending postcards from the places we visited. Finally, I took elements from all the illustrations I did and created a pattern with it.
  • THE MAP.
    The map of Mexico show the places I visited. I used different materials such as thread, tape, different paper and of course graphite. The thread shows the routes I took.

    I am doing a journal of my trip. I make stories from the events that impress me the most and I do an illustration of them. Here the ones I did of Mexico. 
  • Corchito. Story here
  • El ojo de agua (Cenote Ik-kil)

    Se debe bajar por un hueco veintiséis metros para llegar al agua.
    Hay uno con setenta y cinco desde mis pies a mi cabeza.
    Claro esta que si mis pies están en punta tal ves podría llegar a uno con ochenta.
    Si sumerjo la cabeza en el agua no logro ver más allá de mis rodillas.

    Me aterra pensar lo que se puede esconder después de mis uno con ochenta,
    en esos otros treinta y ocho metros más,
    para llegar al fondo de ese ojo de agua.

  • El Fin del Mundo. Story here
  • Casa de los Azulejos. Story here
    I am also doing an investigation from the places I visited in which I compiled Urban myths and stories created on that city. It is a very interesting project since I believe myths help greatly to shape the culture of a country.
  • La Leyenda del Huay Chivo. The story here
  • En el Nombre del Padre. The story on the book.

    I feel attracted to the facades of the places I go since I feel are characteristics that shape the aesthetic of the city. I took my favorite elements and I put them together to create a facade. This one is made inspired by Merida, the biggest city in the Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Merida Facade

    I took elements from the illustrations and I did a pattern with them. I used the elements that attracted me the most and also the ones that play together harmonically.  This is the result. 

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