Sammy's Trattoria | Rebranding Project

  • Sammy's Trattoria
    Re-branding assignment for Baltimore local Italian eatery, Sammy's Trattoria. For this assignment, the brief was to create illustrations for the space and an item sold at the location–spanning a mural, a print-advertisement illustration and an animated gif. 
    Our aim was to capture the homey, local atmosphere of the restaurant and Sammy's value of bringing a good, home-cooked meal to the table. Technically speaking, we felt that utilizing both traditional and digital media would best capture the familiar mood of the restaurant, and both a good challenge to harmonize the styles of the three artists. Visually, we took cues from old photo albums and overall wanted to create a nostalgic, family atmosphere.

    Project was completed in three weeks for Matthew Rota's Junior Illustration I class, with fellow collaborators Sarah Pilkinton and Angelie Yap. Special thanks to Sammy's Trattoria for their warm help as we worked on the project, and the free pizza they gave us!
  • Photo of the Interior Space
  • Select Illustrated Photo Frames
    Watercolor and Ink on Paper
  • Spot Illustrations: the focus was to create imagery that showed the various moments in life where spaghetti is shared.
  • New Sign Font/Textual Logo
  • Final Advertisement: We wanted to recreate the look of an old family photo album, to reflect our concept of a family history with the restaurant and food.
    Traditional Media with Digital Layout in Photoshop
  • Animated GIF Advertisement for Sammy's Trattoria
    Adobe Photoshop and PremierePro
  • Final Mural Layout Plan: Concept was to create a look similar to all the photos hanging around a house at home, wrapped around the restaurant interiors.