• The Last Gift

    Well-intentioned actions can cause harm, and harsh actions can be served up as sweet as honey. Hidden deep within the lavish luxury of a silk scarf and gold jewelry lies dark sentiments signaling the end of a love affair.


    The A.K.A project was to create an alter ego, a persona or a second self that acts as opposites or exaggerations of our inherent traits. The project asked us to consider carefully how our subject/context/media choices serve to grow us as a designer conceptually, formally, and technologically, and propel us on a positive path forward. The goal of the project was to challenge ourselves to try something new, to take bold risks, and to improve as a designer.


    My interest in typography, painting, and textiles lead me to create a story of a textile artist who is giving a breakup kit to a woman he once loved. My goal was to push the boundaries of typography as well as to create a contrast between luxury and pain for viewers to discover. I hid harsh breakup languages within the scarf and transformed "bye," "done" and "over" into brooches and earrings. I believe typography has the power of enhancing the delivery of messages and design can convey ideas in a unique way.