Creative Design - Our Sky Project

  • Our Sky project is dedicated to all my friends. I asked my friends living in different corners of the world to send me a picture of the sky, along with a sentence related to the sky. My inspiration came from a small world globe where twenty-two of my international friends have signed their names on. Within a month, I collected pictures of the sky from 18 countries. I joined each piece of sky into a new sky, printed on a silk scarf. The names of my friends, location and date of each photo were printed on the scarf too.

    Besides, I put all the pictures of the sky and sentences together into a poetic lm, creating a multi-lingual poem, each sentence representing a unique perspective and cultural background. I plan to send the scarfs to my friends and have them take a picture of them wearing the scarfs. Afterwards, I will make a book with all the pictures inside.

    It’s a project that crosses time and space. Even though we live in different parts of the world, we know we are not alone when we look up to the same sky above.
  • Design: Bei (Becca) Hu
    Designed and produced in Beijing.
    Copyright © Bei (Becca) Hu. All rights reserved.