care for mom to be campaign

  • Care for Mom To Be
  • Care for Mom To Be is a campaign project that promotes awareness of the needs of traveling pregnant women regarding being offered a seat on a train or a place to park their car. I focused on creating a convincing campaign logo that is a combination of a figure of a pregnant person and the shape of a heart. This was designed to appeal to both men and women so as to encourage both sexes to respond positively.
  • The Challenge
    There has been an issue about less awareness of consideration for pregnant person.  Especially driving and riding public transportation during rush hour can be convoluted.  A visual identity to promote helping to create a better environment for maternity care and encourage people’s support.
  • Logotype
    The Logo stands for a figure of a pregnant person which also represents the shape of a heart. The logo is the combination of a simple and balanced Word-mark with the icon. It is designed to be understandable to anyone to visualize pregnant person and care.
  • Type and Color
    The warm pastel color of mixed red and orange was chosen to represent the underlying significance: Hope, Love,Care, and Belongingness. The Word-mark and overall typeface are Neutral that is a friendly sans serif text font with unmistakable character yet universal appeal.
  • Parking Poster
  • Pregnant Parking Spot Sign
  • Metro Card
  • Parking Permission Card
  • Social Media