Cycles of Animation

  • Last summer while interning at karlssonwilker inc., I had the opportunity to design the graphics for the album Cycles of Animation by Shawn Lovato, represented by Skirl Records. The project was completed over two weeks under the creative direction of Jan Wilker.

    The premise for the design was based on the idea that the visuals for the music shall have no bearing on the music at all. I had no idea what the album was called or how many tracks it had until the very end of the design process. Additionally, I didn't have access to the music throughout the process.  
  • The project was approached as an exercise in form-making and its evolution over time. Paper was the starting point. Upon handcrafting several forms on multiple sheets of paper, they were imported into Illustrator. Using the inbuilt tools in the application, each form was pushed into multiple directions until it evolved into a separate entity. Over the course of the project, I had created over 100 different structures. These were then filtered iteratively and encapsulated in the framework of a DVD-sized digipak, a production standard followed by Skirl Records. The process is highlighted below.  
  • Thanks for viewing. Give the album a listen and buy it if you like it. Please reach out via for commissions.