Criteria for Making, 2017

    By using the elements and principles of Graphic Design, I tried to communicate a specific given word through abstract and non-representational compositions.  I built up my own criteria to support this process. My given word was "Creepy" and I attempted to convey the adjective through dull colors representing negative emotions and organic shapes that resemble shadows.

  • Criteria for Making "Creepy" Initial Drafts

  • Criteria
    The use of dark colors; instead of calm colors, negative color schemes delivers an unsteady and isolated emotion. The purple color palette represents the “creepy” feeling of a forest.

    The volatile strokes make the figures unclear; Weak strokes and shapes give an unclear composition. The surrounding illustrates strong anxiety.

    The blurriness confuses the figures. This creates an illusion of depth – not knowing where the figures are located. It gives the effect of the fear of “not being aware.” 

    "Being Observed"
    Certain figures resemble the eye or some type of surveillance; The contrasting color of this figure implies that something is “strongly starring and observing” someone.

  • Criteria for Making "Creepy" Digital Drafts