StartUp Maryland — Branding

  • All branding designs created for the StartUp Maryland team including refining and implementing the updated StartUp Maryland logo, both as an animated motion graphic and logo mark. Creation of color usage and graphic design guidebook. Designing and illustrating of core mission icon set for company site and roadshows. Performing graphic design and promotional video production and post-production for showcase promotional videos. Creation of logo and branding materials as needed for StartUp Maryland clients and products as needed.
  • horizontal and vertical StartUp Maryland logo stacks for restricted space usage, full illustrative and simplified logo versions for size restriction purposes, 2018.
  • StartUp Maryland core mission icon set, created for StartUp website and roadshows, 2017-18. The core pillars are "Celebration, curation, coaching, capital." 
  • StartUp Maryland 2018 showcase roadshow event logo design and process work, created for StartUp roadshows, 2018. Final designs used for on site graphics and slideshows, website, and promotional merchandise.