The Blend Is Near

  • The Blend Is Near

    Our friends at Wine After Coffee asked us to create the opening titles for Blend Fest 2017. It was an open brief with one little twist - include the names of the 350+ attendees in addition to the guest speakers. 

    A harmless trip to the pet shoppe unleashes spherical chaos on Canada's western provinces. Think Gremlins but with more balls. A runaway pet starts bowling for humans, absorbing everything in its path until it inevitably bursts, spilling its creative juices everywhere.

    Client: Wine After Coffee

    Directed by: Oddfellows
    Creative Direction: Chris Kelly, Josh Parker
    Design Direction: Jay Quercia
    Animation Direction: Josh Parker
    Producer: Erica Kelly, TJ Kearney
    Story: Josh Parker
    Design: Jay Quercia, Khylin Woodrow, Sarah Beth Hulver
    Cel: Josh Parker, Stan Cameron, Khylin Woodrow, Tyler Morgan, Kavan Magsoodi,
    Ben Ommundson, Jordan Scott, Jay Quercia, 
    2d Animation: Jordan Scott, Chris Kelly
    3d Animation: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter

    Music and Sound: CypherAudio - John Black, Tobias Norberg and Jeff Moberg