MICA Spring 2018

  • Isometric Drawing
    Gouache on Bristol

  • Three Sisters
    Acrylic on Canvas
  • Color Study: Plant in Daytime, Nighttime
    Color-Aid, Gift wrap
  • JonBenét Ramsey
    Acrylic and Lace Trim on Canvas
  • Not Yours
    Hand-Embroidered Underwear
  • Lily's Venus
    Embroidery and Appliqué 
  • Untitled Installation
    Collaboration with Alana Boyer
    Rope, Rock
  • Positive Friends Project
    Felt, Embroidery
  • Religious Aesthetic in Bolton Hill 
    Cyanotype and Gold Paint
  • Visualized Anxiety
    Dura-Lar, Acrylic, Yarn, Mod Podge