Oyst Fest

  • Oyst Fest
    Astoria Zhang
    Muslin, glass, meat, fur 2018
    Inspired by Judy Chicago, this installation is made for serving woman organs made by fabric material in oyster shells. By linking the sexual organ of women with food, the viewers can get to the deeper concept ----the objectify of women. Sewing on mulin is the most gentle part, which also inferred as a feminine skill. When it comes to the plate under, I put raw meat just to create the brutal atmosphere of this project. Same as the placemat, in this context, I use fur just to give this piece an original venery feeling. When in patriarchal society, men can be defined as “predator”. In contrast, women are objectified, being displayed, being controlled by man, just like the food laying on the plate, waiting for people to pick it up and eat. Throughout this installation, viewers are put into a paternity role, looking down to this treat, enjoying this Oyst fest.