Domaine Sans Type Specimen

  • Domaine Sans Text Type Specimen

    This specimen for Domaine Sans Text, by Klim Type Foundry, was inspired by the Burgundy wine region and terroir. The specimen consists of a number of pieces that demonstrate a full palette of features and usages for the typeface, as well as the richness of the French wine culture.
  • For this project, we were asked to design a specimen for a typeface of our choice. The name of this typeface, "Domaine," is used to refer to Burgundy wine producers, which became the inspiration for the design concept. A map of Burgundy showing the five main wine regions served as the foundation for the visual system of colors and shapes that extends throughout the specimen. The land (or "terroir") is at the heart of French wine culture, and similarly becomes the visual foundation for all graphic pieces.
  • The French author Colette was born in Burgundy, and much of her writing is inspired by her upbringing in the region and its natural beauty. This book that contains one of her stories explores poetic applications of the typeface.
  • Additional pieces in the set include a publication demonstrating the various weights and sizes of the typeface, labels that show the typeface's ligatures, and a menu that utilizes the typeface's different numerical options.
  • Credits
    Typeface: Domaine Sans Text by Klim Type Foundry
    Text: "La Vigne et le vin" by Colette, "Terroir and the Côte de Nuits" by John Atkinson in the Journal of Wine Research
    Images: Original Photographs