Casper - Great Sleep

  • Casper - Great Sleep

    What's cooler than the other side of the pillow? A Casper mattress. Casper engineered every inch of their mattress to make great sleep even better. To showcase this well-balanced sleep surface, we partnered with Casper to demonstrate all the factors considered when building the perfect mattress.

    As this was their first live action spot, the challenge was to seamlessly integrate live footage with a minimal, design forward dream world. The result is a spot that treads the line between real world and dream world.

    Client: Casper
    Directed by: Oddfellows
    Creative Direction: Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter
    Art Direction: Jay Quercia
    Executive Producer: TJ Kearney
    Producer: Erica Kelly, Jen Szeto
    Script: Liz Marks
    Design: Jay Quercia
    Additional Design: Sarah Beth Hulver
    Previs: Daniel Duncan
    Cel: Josh Parker, Stan Cameron, Khylin Woodrow, Kavan Magsoodi, Jay Quercia, Tyler Morgan
    2d Animation: Josh Parker, Tyler Morgan, Chris Kelly, Colin Trenter
    3d Animation: Kevin Njoo, Josh Parker, Colin Trenter, Jonas Elsgaard, Chris Kelly
    Compositing: Kevin Njoo, Chris Kelly, Josh Parker, Colin Trenter

    Music and SFX: Mixtape Club

    Production: Avocados & Coconuts