i once knew a boy.

  • Baltimore Art Rising Poem Design
    Collaborative project between Baltimore City School students and Maryland Institute College of Art Type 2 Students. ​​​​​​​

    "I Once New a Boy" by Roman Hawkins
    I once knew a boy
    Who feared the razor
    I once knew a boy
    A boy who was called a faggy
    I once knew a boy
    He held all the painful words like a tape recorder but always kept a smile
    I once knew a boy
    He broke his own heart
    He was pushed thrown and broken
    But he just smiled
    I once knew a boy
    He said fuck it and turned to drugs
    Grades dropped quicker a gun shoots
    I once knew a boy
    coming home stoned every day just to cope with the pain
    Should I ended it he said
    As the knife cuts deeper pain goes away
    He cut to deep
    Blood rushes out of his arm
    I once knew a boy​​​​​​​