• MurMur: Together

    In terms of gender neutralism, this project is supported and grounded on gender theories, such as feminism, genderism, post genderism, and so on. There are many issues with gender discrimination not only in the U.S. but also all over the world, and most of the discrimination is the result of having from less knowledge of accessibilities of gender theories. To reduce discrimination, people are struggling for the betterment of working and living conditions. This project is supporting their efforts by educating young children.
  • murmur is about gender neutralism. In other words, Mur Mur is used as tool of spreading the idea of gender neutralism. A target would be children because they are easy to educate about a new theory or thoughts. This project is focused on publication printed and online books since this is the easiest way to communicate to children.

  • As an experiment with publication books in various mediums, created design identity and categorized systems based on book theories. The books about howl objects should not be categorized genders by color, appearance, action, and function. To avoid stereotypes of gender characteristics, bright and basic colors are used to build murmur identity. In addition, all languages which are used for this project is gender non specific.