The Museum of Home Cooking

  • The Museum of Home Cooking
    For this project, we were asked to develop an “imaginary museum” along with branding, exhibition concepts, an interactive experience, and a motion trailer.

    The Museum of Home Cooking explores food traditions from around the world that are associated with home and family. It will feature recipes, history, rituals and traditions, art and craft, photographs, and, of course, tastings. It seeks to preserve and educate about food traditions, inspire home cooks, and remind visitors that a meal is made of so much more than calories and nutrients.
  • The brand is based on the circular form, that could represent a plate or a table, which brings people together and becomes the canvas for diverse cultural experiences. It also includes pattern work that is inspired by ceramics, textiles, and other cultural objects that accompany eating in so many cultures.
  • The project includes a concept for an interactive experience, in which visitors can select from cards of different regional dishes or write their own, and contribute to a map of food experiences. This interactive allows individuals to learn about different food traditions and share their own with one another, as well as see how dishes travel and connect around the world.