Modern Fertility

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  • Modern Fertility
    demystify the topic of fertility
  • Fertility is one of the last taboos in healthcare. We partnered with the Modern Fertility founders to create a brand that would set a new standard for personal reproductive health.

  • The Modern Fertility ‘M’ mark is anchored in the letter ‘u’ to emphasize a focus on you the individual, your body, your fertility journey, your future.

  • The typographic approach uses a lightweight sans serif font to convey the importance of the information being shared without overwhelming.

  • Precious yet approachable iconography helps communicate key messages around fertility.

  • In the real world, Modern Fertility's look and feel manifests itself in reassuring and comforting ways.

  • Agency
    Wolff Olins

    Design Direction — Melody Yung 
    Design — Taylor Simpson, Elaine Lin, Danny Skitsko