• The Feeling Matrix

    The Feeling Matrix is a speculative project that presents a visual and verbal dictionary of emotions. Six animations visualize six precise emotional experiences that don’t have an equivalent word in the English Language.

    Many of us have experienced these feelings but might lack the vocabulary to name them.

  • The project attempts to explore an alternative visual grammar that seeks to transcend the barriers of traditional languages. Using an abstract, expressive system, this visual vocabulary of evocation references the commonality of emotions and the elusive task of precisely defining them.

  • Visual Grammar

    I created a framework to write the script and execute these motion pieces. Since the nature of emotions is somewhat abstract and subjective, I left room for intuition and interpretation. This allowed me to create compositions that followed a system while having a hint of ambiguity. 

  • /01/ 
    The euphoria experienced while falling in love or being in love.

  • /02/ 
    The act of staring at nothing without thinking of anything.

  • /03/ 
    The pleasant and intimate feeling associated with sitting around a fire with friends in the winter.​​​​​​​

  • /04/ 
    The feeling of not being in one’s home country.

  • /05/ 
    The drowsiness experienced after eating a large meal.​​​​​​​

  • /06/ 
    The panic experienced while suspecting that windows of opportunity are closing with time.

  • Interaction

    The website creates an opportunity for the viewer to experience this world more intimately. Allowing them to engage and navigate through the system, animations, insights in to the meaning of these words and most importantly how to pronounce them.