Daily Rituals

  • Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

    Based on the book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work edited by Mason Currey, this pieces showcases a hypothetical title credit reel about the working rituals of the greatest philosophers, writers, composers and artists ever to have lived. The task at hand was to create a script and storyline for a book that has no running storyline, protagonists and antagonists.

  • Writers, composers, painters, choreographers, playwrights, poets, philosophers, sculptors, filmmakers and scientists on how they create (and avoid creating their creations)

  • Frames form the title sequence
    Each character is assigned a color palette depicting their story.

  • "Filled with fascinating insights on the mechanics of genius and entertaining stories of the personalities behind it, Daily Rituals is irresistibly addictive, and utterly inspiring."
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