Athletic Apparel Brand - TITAN

  • This project was the result of a workshop with Giselle Lewis- Archibald, an art director at Under Armour. The prompt was to create a new athletic brand and market the first product under the brand.

    The brand I created was targeted at Generation Z, those born in the mid- 90s to 2010. Most of them are really smart and are comfortable with technology. Therefore, I designed TITAN, the innovative athletic brand for a new future. It focuses on making products that reveal the beauty of technology and science. My unique selling point is to design wearing apparel that will make people feel cool and unique.

    The rst product I designedwas called Bio Art Glow T-shirt,a combination of biology and technology. The pattern on the shirt could glow in the darkness.
  • Eye-catching pattern with fluorescent color designed to add some creative fuel to your run.
  • I created an advertising campaign to launch, along with website homepage and social media graphics.
  • I looked at other athletic brands, researched on apparel that focus on technology and science. I also expended my research to other areas like biology and cosmology.
  • Design: Bei (Becca) Hu
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