Publication Design - Be Careful

  • At last, I produced 5 printed copies of the zine and distributed them to some freshmen at MICA; I hope the zines could help them learn about Baltimore.
  • The Zine presents a contrast between personal opinions and actual facts.
  • This project was the outcome of a workshop with Jon Key; I created a 12-page zine (booklet) to advocate for a social issue that affects my surrounding Baltimore community. The purpose of my zine was to raise awareness of the high number of vacant properties.
    It presented a contrast between personal opinions and actual facts; the zine informed the public about the real causes of vacancies.

    This project was also a journey of learning about myself. I displayed the process from being scared of coming to Baltimore to learning and understanding the real facts.

    “Be careful” is what my friend said before I came to Baltimore. It seems like violence is causing people to leave, but actually, it’s more complex than that. Property taxes, financial hardship, lack of healthy food availability and many other factors are causing people to leave.
  • Design: Bei (Becca) Hu
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