Health in Your 20s

  • Health in Your 20's is a PSA Motion Video based off an Article by Tara Parker-Pope. I decided I wanted to approach this video with a stop motion hand-drawn look to promote health in a fun and light way. Because of the voice-over nature of this PSA, I created simple and fun illustrations that complements the typography and audio. I started this project creating the voice-over script to be sent out. Then started sketching out and mapping in each scene correlating to the voice-over and looking for a background music to complement it. After sketching out potential illustrations, I started to recreate them on Illustrator and decided to develop them into a more simple and abstracted visual. 
  • I then produced mock up social ads and posts that Women's Health could potentially sponsor and promote health for people in their 20s. These were instagram based and varied in motion posts in stories as well as normal sponsor posts.
  • Thanks for Viewing!