Mica Competitive scholarship

  • Self portrait 
  • "Awaken"
    short film
    Short commercial for My final project in advanced emac . the assignment was to start a company, have a product and create a short 30 sec advertisement. So my team decided to create a working prototype of a 2012 survival suit. Written & Directed by Jonathan Morlu and Dishon Hall.
  • "The giant descent and the underground kingdom"
    Still life
    Im big into storytelling so all of my still lives are drawn from their inception to create a sense of narritaive. This one in paticular, portraying as the title indicates, a giants decent into an ancient underground kindom.
  • Bolt
    This is a detail shot of the bolt and rotating mechanism on a helmet i designed and then co-constructed.
  • "Unwanted patron"
    Sculpture 3d
    Pvc pipe, plastic, metal, wood
    30 1/2in x1in x 5in
    Prop rifle i constructed for the commercial portion of my advanced emac final project.. I made the firing pin and barrel functional to imitate realisticly the mechanism involved in loading a real rifle. 
  • "Just to much"
    Digital painting
    So I was very excited to jump in and begin designing for the project we got in emac class. I went home and started on a process i had never done before, a completely digital Photoshop painting. Our group next class had a bit of a rework and achieved a solid plan. I bought supplies and believed i had everything squared away. Unfortunately it would be that i was simply under the delusion of being fully prepared as the next day i would be unable to print do to an annoying resolution error, which meant that even though i had everything else ready it didn't matter as the focus object was unobtainable.
    so i had to statrt from scratch and redo the piece but all in all i like this version better. so yeah in real life it's a 24 by 36 inch poster and it was about 11 hours of work