• Untitled I
    October/November 2012
    35 in. X 60 in.
  • Untitled II
    October 2012
    30in. X 64 in.
  • Untitled III
    November 2012
    24 in. X 42 in. 
  • Untitled IV
    November 2012
    Gesso, charcoal powder and pigment, paper, screen, monafilament line and string
    60 in. X 72 in.
  • Untitled V
    November/December 2012
    Mono-type print and oil paint on paper
    42 in. X 150 in.
  • Transplantation
    November/December 2012
    Video projected onto a 10 ft. X 4 ft. foamcore board suspended from the ceiling and two 10 ft. X 4 ft. screens hanging from the ceiling to create a series of layers in space.  Each layer was spaced five to seven feet apart.  The viewer could walk in between the layers or watch the video from the projection area (opening shot of this video).
    Space approx. H20 ft. X W17 ft X D17ft
  • Some of the set-ups that I worked from (these paintings were all done from semi-life).