Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2013

  • Blots
    My pride and joy of this semester: I created my own Rorschach tests by making my own ink blots. By taking the test, you can describe what you see to a listener but they will never be able to view every single detail just by describing it verbally. Instead, I've chosen to illustrate what I saw in them so my audience can read it the same way that I do.
  • Blot Series: Consume
    Ink; hatched
    3' x 4'
  • Blot Series: Continue
    Ink, Charcoal, Pencil, Conte
    12" x 16"
  • Blot series: Contradict
  • Blot Series: Condemn
    Charcoal, ink
    3' x 4'
  • Blot Series: Construct
    12" x 16"
  • Figure Drawing
  • Figure Drawing: Loss
    18" x 24"
  • Figure Drawing: Reclining
    Ink (Brush pen)
    18" x 24"
  • Painting
  • Painting: Collaboration
    Oil Paint
    20" x 30"
  • Painting: Peace
    Oil Paint
    5" x 6"
  • Drawing II
  • Drawing: Sponge