Adobe Design Summit 2018 Branding

  • We invited the Adobe Studio team to create AR animations that enhanced the printed posters and show how the elements morph, zoom and transform to bring the viewer into a magical world of art and creativity. You can view the AR animations and read more about this project here.

  • In the spirit of embracing diverse perspectives, we invited all summit guests to participate in a collective stop-motion animation that would be woven into our Opening Reel (starting at 00:25). Participants were free to doodle on the keyframes in an analog or digital format using any of our tools. The results were fun and surprising.


  • Adobe Design Brand Team

    Design Manager Sonja Hernandez
    Designers Anny Chen, Emma Zhang, Tânia Junceiro Raposo and Soomin Park
    Program Manager Angelie Herreria

    Special Thanks

    AR/VR Poster Experience: Brian Yap, Lidia Lukianova, Steve Ogden
    T-Shirt Design: Brooke Hopper
    Letterpress Notebook: Arie Huang and Tanya Siadneva
    360 Photo Booth: Michael Jarrott and Skycar Creative
    Projection Art Installation: Ramiz Sheikh
    Event Production: Preview Events, Marisa Bazan, Rob Gianino, Carri Holden, Pollyanna Macchiano, Lisa Pedee, Bailey Sharrocks, Cassarie Soungpanya
    Event Photos: Alnie Figueroa, Eric Haseltine, Ryan Hicks, Matthew Richmond, Emma Salom