Year of the dog greeting cards

  • ☆ Year of the dog - greeting card set ☆

  • I illustrated a set of three greeting cards in the beginning of 2018 to celebrate Year of the dog.
    When it comes to new year greeting cards, people usually think of words like "Best Wishes" or "Good Luck," but is it the only word that we can say to wish others a happy new year? The world is suffering, people are fighting for a more equal society and better environment through pretest and demonstration. To make a better year, there're way more things we should do and talk about other than simply saying "Happy New Year!"
    In this set of greeting cards I chose three subjects that are most related to the society in Taiwan: labor rights, marriage equality, and no nukes. One subject for each card, featuring one or two dogs reacting to the subject, hoping that the coming year could actually be a better year. For the background, I tried to add on traditional snacks and candies that I used to eat on New year's day during childhood to represent the atmosphere.

  • 勞資對等 Labor rights:
    Subject: an equal relationship between workers and employers.
    Issue: last year the government of Taiwan revised the Labor Standards Act. People generally feel that the revision stands on the employers' side, and it might cause a worse working environment for the employees. In a country where labor unions are strong and healthy, employers and employees can make an agreement through the help of labor unions. But the labor unions in Taiwan are basically not functioning at all. The ambiguous parts of the revised act might become the places where employers can take advantages of employees. 
    Concept: A dog with a bowl on its head sitting on one side of a seesaw, and another with a tie sitting on the other side.
    The seesaw is well balanced, representing the hope for equality of both sides.

  • 婚姻平權 Marriage equality:
    Subject: an equal right to get married for same sex.
    Issue: In May 2017, Taiwan has almost become the first in Asia that legalizes same-sex marriage. It was such a big day and people were celebrating. However, a wave of protest against this bill appeared, and now after one year, the bill is still at the same progress (first reading). Some people brought up a new idea: a special law for same-sex marriage. It seems to be fair but it's truly not. How special is special? Special means different, not same, and in this case, it also means a hidden view of discrimination.
    Concept: Two dogs (without showing its sex) are jumping through a six-color rainbow, representing the hope that they will eventually jump through barriers and acquire the right to love each other.

  • 核電歸零 No nukes:
    Subject: a nuclear power free homeland
    Issue: the nuclear power issue has long been a serious issue in Taiwan. Some says that it is too naive and early to pursue a nuclear free homeland since we have not yet developed a better way to generate power. Other says that the nuclear power must be out asap so that we can live in a secure environment. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster(2011) and its negative impact is a warning and also an obvious reason why people fight against nuclear power. 
    Concept: In tradition, people hang lantern and let off firecrackers to celebrate lunar new year. The writings on lanterns and firecrackers are usually blessings like "福(happiness)" or "招財進寶(fortune)" to symbolize the hope for next year. In this illustration, the texts on the lantern and the firecracker are "no nukes" instead.