• Website Redesign (landing page). 2012
  • Boys & Girls Club. 2012
    Logos and collateral proposal for the 100 year anniversary of a Boys & Girls Club in Connecticut. 
  • Oscillator. 2012
    Branding and publication for a fictional magazine that explores electronic music equipment and it's culture. 
  • Oscillator. 2012
    concept for online spash page for Oscillator Magazine.
  • Digital Disintegration. 2012
     My exploration into translating digital media into a non-traditonal format. 
    Far left: Wood Stamp/Box. 3.75' x 4.75' (2012) Inside: Conditional instructions for using the stamp as well               as two buttons.
    Top right: Untitled. print.  11'x 17' (2012)
    Bottom right: Untitled. detail.
  • Kanye. 2013 (digital)
    Illustration for an essay on language and graphic design.