Millennials are a social portal, like Facebook

  • This is a great social portal like Facebook to millennials around the world. I designed an admin panel and a user panel for it. In this portal, users have the opportunity to take care of friends, correspond, publish their records, photos, and videos. I developed a friendly design for both large computers and mobile devices.
    This portal is available now, and at the moment there are ongoing developments to improve it. I use the current data from Google Analytics to improve the user flow. There were several problems and all of them were big, which required serious developments and time.

    For example. A large amount of information for filling repelled 50% of visitors at the registration stage on the portal. I conducted all the research and created interactive UX prototypes. I divided the registration into several categories so that the fields that belong to the same category were filled together. This will help build a user's flow of thought. Also, I created several stages to simplify the filling of information, after each filling, the user gets closer to the goal in one step. This gives additional motivation to achieve a positive result.

    This portal has already worked before and it has several thousand users who regularly use it. Therefore, before me, there was not an easy task - to improve the existing structure and design using only current materials. Since users are already accustomed to the current design and layout of elements and large changes can alienate users. As a result of testing, the number of users who successfully passed the registration increased. I also note that the visual component plays an important role. The visual accompaniment that works together with a well-designed UX structure creates an excellent result.
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