MICA Competitive Scholarships 2013

  • It is a drawing instrument that interacts with a human body.
  • The cube represents the idea of space. In that space, I placed a tangled rubber hose to show the idea of people interacting.
  •     There is a Korean proberb saying 호랑이는 죽어서 가죽을 남기고 사람은 죽어서 이름을 남긴다. Its literal translation is the following: When a tiger dies, he leaves his skin; a man, his name. In this proverb the man leaving his name means he leaves his reputation even after he died. 
        Since I’m attending MICA, one of well-known art schools, it would be honor to have my name and my work on school gallery or school information book. However, because I’m not a skilled artist who has a lot of great works, it is impossible to post my work and my name on school published book. So, I decided to find letters in my name, Jae-Eun Lee, from MICA campus and take pictures of alphabets. My goal for this project is that I want whoever sees my pictures would remember me when they go to that place in a picture and see that specific alphabet.