World Tea Wall

  • World Tea Wall is a collaboration between myself and the team of Room for Tea, a pop up exhibition in New York celebrating global tea culture. In order to illustrate for this wall, I researched about how do people drink tea from all over the world, including the type of tea, the container of tea, the costume people wear during tea session, as well as food that are made of tea and to accompany tea. This has been a really fun process to learn about one culture and present it to my audience! I have included all 35 little illustrations here and I hope you enjoy looking at them :) 
  • The Room for Tea is located at 371 Broadway, New York, NY. It will be open for the public through August 28th to September 22nd, 2018. You can preview some of their signature scenes here, and please visit their website for more information:
    And every ticket sold for their event, the team of Room of Tea will be helping The Forest Garden Program plant a tree :)
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