Aroni vs Prophet 03

  • Character Design: Polar Spell Casters
    Aroni vs Prophet 03

    Past vs the Future, Old vs New, Organic vs Mechanical, History vs Science. 
    Illustrator, 2018. ​​​​​​​
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    "Aroni", meaning "Trickster", is a Nigerian superstitious entity believed to be the spirit world's King of Mischief. Aroni was a prodigious Nigerian boy that practiced witchcraft in search of immortality. Over centuries of exploration, Aroni has a collected arsenal of various esoteric and superstitious relics with varied uses.
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    The Vatican of Crafts is an international techno-religious institution set on collecting and harnessing the world's most powerful magical items and eliminating heretics. A Prophet is a Personnel Commander of the Vatican. 
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