• About The Project
    The theme of the project is SHARING EMOTIONS.

    This CONCEPTUAL STILL LIFE project is my personal exploration of telling a story through still life, also the still life project is closely related to my degree project. Every object shown represents people’s emotions as well as the world and our society.

    Objects + Meanings
    BACKGROUND (yellow&mint background & colored paper): It does not represent only a background. As a metaphor of the WORLD, people can express their emotions and feeling s freely. A yellow background shows the world, and diverse colored papers represent a variety that can cover every community.

    COLOR PAINTS (PALETTE): It represents diverse people, and their PERSONALITIES. (Everyone has their own color, which means various personalities)

    CHOCOLATE:  Just as chocolate melts naturally, chocolates represent that individuals can naturally PERMEATE and ASSIMILATE into the world.

    A DRINKING GLASS: A cup can fill something, which means RECEPTIVITY, the ability to take other things. Also, a glass represents  the transparent boundaries in being receptive as opposed to boundaries, they are promoting equality.

    NOTEBOOK: Sometimes people NEED SOME REST. White empty page means PAUSE and REST. It makes your mind alert for creative ideas. Recharging one’s batteries is as important as working hard.

    CANDLE: A candle always burns, melts and disappears, but while a candle is burning, it lights the darkness and makes the area warm. Candle can be a metaphor for our WILL, that we should always try even if we know we have an end at the end.