Ambiguous Loss

  • Ambiguous Loss​​​​​​​

    Year: 2018
    Material: Shirt, net panel, and air-dry clay. 
    Size: Men’s medium long-sleeve shirt

    Description: I rendered a portrait of of a missing person on the shirt called Zhenheng Xu who was wearing white shirt when he was missing. He was last seen in the afternoon of October 19th, 2017. He is Chinese and 84. He has Ad, but he remembers his own name. When there is a light shooting on the shirt, there will be a shadow of the portrait. Sometimes the shadow on the wall is big, and sometimes it is small. When you turn on the light, the shadow is there; when you turn off the light, the shadow disappears. I was inspired by ambiguous losses. A physical ambiguous loss means that the body of a loved one is no longer around, such as a missing person or unrecovered body from war, but is still remembered psychologically due to the chance of coming back.