My Air Jordan Birthday Jam Session!

  • My Super Rad MJ Birthday Party Jam Session!

    Poster / Invite for my 28th birthday party – 2013

    I illustrated and designed this poster to promote a party to celebrate my 28th birthday. Michael Jordan has been my lifelong hero since I was about 6-years-old back in 1991. At the time, the Chicago Bulls had just captured their first championship prevailing over Magic Johnson and the "Showtime" Los Angeles Lakers.

    Throughout elementary school I spent hours drawing Michael Jordan, and during each and every recess I played basketball on the playground blacktop. On weekends I collected as many Michael Jordan cards as I could afford with my allowance, and my entire room was emblazoned with Bulls paraphernalia, including 6 posters showcasing Jordan. In 3rd grade I was featured in Lego Club Magazine for my rendition of Michael Jordan and the Bulls logo built out of Legos. My Dad even shelled out $100 to buy me with a pair of Air Jordan 9s back in 1994.

    I also based several school projects on Michael Jordan, and when my 6th grade history teacher had the audacity to tell me "Michael Jordan shouldn't be your hero. You should choose an artist instead," I was downright appalled.
  • A few additional reasons why I wanted to have a Michael-Jordan-themed party: MJ's rookie season was in 1985, the year I was born. His birthday is February 17th - just 9 days after my birthday. Michael Jordan will turn 50 this year!

    For the party, there will be loads of donuts, hence "We'll Dunk'n Go Nuts!" I will also provide JAMS in the form of sweet, killer dance grooves from the 80s, 90s, and beyond - and most importanly JAMS in their truest form via the 16-bit video game classic "NBA JAM" (1994-style) for the Sega Genesis. Nerf basketball hoops will be installed on the walls, and I've invited friends to bring Big Macs and Gatorade. It will be Super Rad!

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