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    Animation Portfolio

  • Empty Street and Traces of Happiness (3D Printing Animation) 
    Inspired by the Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC. In the afternoon, the empty street was full of trash, prompting me to think about relationships in society: There is always somebody taking responsibility for our happiness.

  • Wondrous Little Box​​​​​​​ (Animation Music Video)
    Original Character
    Pencil animation + Images that have a graphic design quality. 
  • Begin Again(Collage Video: )
  • Baika Wadan (Derivative work​​​​​​​: )
    Characters from Fukumoto, Nobuyuki.
    Challenge of 2D animation with stronger movement.
  • Lemon (Derivative work)
    Characters from Fukumoto, Nobuyuki.
    Challenge of environment drawing.
  • Melodica (Maya 3D Modeling)
  •  Experimental Drawing 

  • VR Town (Sculpture:) 
    When I traveled to Cinque Terre, the place that is famous for colorful houses in Italy, I found that the people are not happy with the government and tourism. Tourists see beautiful colors from outside, however, when the residents look through the windows from inside, they can not enjoy it. I built the town on virtual reality (VR) glasses and put an animation video. The video is VR format so that viewers can wear these glasses to feel the different perspectives.