Character Concepts and Commissions

  • Personal piece titled "Welcome to the Greatest Show!" I was inspired by the soundtrack from musical The Greatest Showman, the song I loved the most was This Is The Greatest Show!

    I wanted to do something using primarily cell shading to capture the effect of spotlights.
  • A painterly piece Titled "Lady Maria." This was done as an anniversary celebration work for the video game Bloodborne. Lady Maria is a character of great importance to the plot of Bloodborne. 

    I wanted to give some practice to my painting skills, doing portraits is always a challenge for me, especially with so many details and subtle facial features with characters.
  • A character splash art commission. The character is named Whirlpool, a swashbuckler Otterfolk for a table top campaign. 

    I wanted to try doing something a bit more experimental with with my colors, and wanted to be far more painterly with the shadows this time around. Loved the character and really wanted to capture their personality.
  • Commission done for a friend as a birthday gift for his Fiance. I really do love how this one came out, the lighting was fun to fiddle with at those angles. The two subjects are both near and dear friends of mine who recently got engaged, and I was more than delighted when he came to me to make something. I came up with the initial idea for the subject, and he wanted it to have a Final Fantasy 14 theme to it. Needless to say, she loved it.
  • Set of character illustrations revolving around my DnD character Bai Bao and his first campaign. I still use this character when I can.
  • Character commission created for a client. They really let go wild with what I wanted to do after they described their character to me. Can't wait to do another piece again with this character.
  • Sword of Moonlight - Wanted to do some more painterly stuff with light, felt the Dark Souls series' moon light sword would be a perfect subject for creating this type of mysterious and haunting lighting for an eerie atmosphere.
  • Personal Characters I've had for quite some time, all done in pencil on paper. Though I did these a few years ago I still love how these came out.
  • Commissioned characters done for a friend of mine. They let me have a lot of fun, if you couldn't tell. 
  • Some exemplary commission work that I have done. 
  • Old Pre-Grad work done with digital illustration.
  • Speed paint done in honor of the cosmological event that happened on January 26, 2018 called the "Super Blue Blood Moon." The entire painting was done in less than 1 Hour. The title of the piece is "Hunter of Hunters" and features Bloodborne character - Eileen the Crow.