Crossroads Bakery Café Branding

  • Crossroads Bakery Café Branding
    a system of brand identity (menu, business cards, cup sleeve, pastry bag, parchment wrapper and website design) for a bakery café
    Inspired by the idea of a bakery/café that would be a place of both work and play, the bakery café brand identity incorporates a logo and design elements that refer to this idea and the name of the establishment. The colors, motifs and materials used are meant to feel natural, homemade and local, while maintaining a current look.
  • additional project info
    typography  Helvetica Neue 37 Thin Condensed, 47 Light Condensed, 75 Bold and 77 Bold Condensed, MrsEaves PetiteCaps, SmallCaps, and Italic
    creation date  April 2012