• About Workshop: Mo-Cap Boogie-Woogie was a three days workshop of tall tales, soft data, hardcore fabrication at Willem de Kooning Academy / Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands. There were ten students from  Master and Bachelor courses from Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore) and Willem de Kooning Academy / Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) working on intensive twelve hour prototyping session that turns collaborative ideas into tangible project.

    Objective:  The goal of this workshop was to facilitate exchange between international students interested in both traditional and emerging ways of making. It aims to teach concrete technical skills as well as meta-skills in collaboration in a shot but intensive time frame with data coming from a motion capture suit

    Result:  To conclude with a public presentation of an exciting project made by 10 students using motion capture suit.   
  • Workshop poster made by Sita Ma

  • Project: How have daily rituals evolved in the digital age? We have always been the performers of rituals, whether it is praying or unlocking your phone, we use our hands to communicate to “higher power”. Digital Rituals is a collection of digital sign language created by individuals connected by technology.

    Techniques: The collection of digital signs are in three different formats created using Unity, Processing, Cinema4d, Illustrator and Wekinator.
  • Collaborative Ideation Session:

  • With the help of Unity broke the hand down into parts so as to get multiple pieces of data per part then recorded those hand gestures in the same program that became numbers and processed this information further to derive data visualization in 2D and 3D format.
  • Gesture 1: Surf
  • Gesture 2: Prayer
  • Gesture 3: Password

  • Data visualisation of choreographed movements of three different digital rituals that includes surf, prayer and password gestures in 2D format.

  • Rendering the data collected in form of numbers using Cinema4D so as to obtain data visualisation of choreographed movements in 3D format.

  • Exhibition: In the exhibition we used the Wekinator and Processing to capture body motion and the result can be projected hence showing graphical moves.
    Link to the code: Wekinator Code

  • Mo-Cap Boogie-Woogie Group Picture