• Virtue or Vice?
    We all have positive attributes; innate or cultivated qualities that brighten and enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. We also have a shadow side; traits and tendencies that pull us down. This games of cards, with it’s sharply contrasting visual vocabulary, mines our whole selves while celebrating our superpowers. 
  • Virtue or Vice implies a choice, what trait would you rather use to win? The visual vocabulary is also generated from these two contrasting yet intrinsic features of us human beings. Black and white are two deeply contrasting colours that blend into each other. Line patterns suggest an avalanche of reccurence.
  • The Virtues, and the Vices. Together, both make us. This card game encourages us to embrace our weaknesses and value our strengths as our superpowers, without undermining them. 
    The inherent qualities of the virtues and the vices will dictate the power of the card. Depending on  these powers, each player can use the cards they have to further snatch, trade, steal, or borrow cards, in an attempt to ultimately win 7 virtue cards and win the game.Both vice and virtue cards are equally helpful in collecting desired cards.