Summer Travel Intensive Portfolio

  • "Reaching for Light" Hungarian map fold book, pen on Ingres paper, book board and cloth. Unopened, 11" x 5.75", 2018.
  • "Spheres of Influence ", piece inspired by Koloman Moser and illustrator Sophie Page. Metal and ceramic figures,  painted fabric and box with acrylic paint. Unopened, 8.5" x 12" x 2.5", 2017.
  • ​​​​​​​
    "Long Coat for a Long Coat Lady", Piecework and freehand embroidery on various fabrics. Building off of my "Spheres of influence" project, in this piece I create a cape for myself and bring the figures I draw into the physical world, 2018.
  • ​​​​​​​
    "Under Stars Lantern", Cut Bristol paper, bound with book thread with a balsa wood frame, 2018. 
  • Tapestry Weaving, various yarns and found material, 2018.
  • "Do you Need a Hug?", Tunnel Book, pen and cut paper. Unopened, 7" x 8" x .33", 2018.
  • "Stress Book", Pen on tracing paper and Bristol, string, book board and cloth. Unopened, 10.25" x 10.5" x .5", 2018.
  • "Skirts!", Gouache on watercolor paper. 15" x 22", 2017.
  • "All Tangled Up", cotton plush with metal armature. Interactive piece where I tangled up the arms of the plushy then invited people to untangle the arms and interact with the plushy. The attached video documents these interactions, 2018.
  • "Big Ol Hug", Hugs are important! Pen on Bristol paper. 22" x 17", 2017.