Competitive Scholarship 2018-2019

  • Dinner Party with a Diaspora Tracker
    Augmented Reality App Prototype with Performative Food Set-up

  • Yellow Suit
    linen, basket reed, and rope bag


    shibori and batik dyed silk organza with AR encoded image
  • Kerasynth (film stills)

    a collaborative project with Diana Eusebio, Erin Kirchner, Rachel Rusk, and Sydney Sieh-Takata 
    filmed with Shawn Chia

    answering the BioDesign Challenge of an alternative, vegan wool

  • 1. GONG 

    2. Kimchi Sisters (Translation Error Karaoke)

    ​the translation error machine created on Grasshopper and Rhino that compares algorithmic direct translations to natural translations which then calculates the scale of the text