MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • Exploring discourses of the body

  • Mantilla and The Manifestation of The Snake
    Veil Mantilla: Hand-painted (MX dye) silk organza, stainless steel armature
    Spine: Found plastic, Stainless steel
    Dress & hat Manisf. Snake: Paper, paint, fabric, plastic, last photo documented by Ariana Bendana.
  • Contemplation of La Mantilla
    Spine, veil, and dress (unpainted)
    Model: Isabelle Dorvillier
    Snippets of original video; an exploration of traditional wear's semantics.
  • First Rendering of Exidia Glandulosa
    Faux leather, plastic net, knit (fabric) skirt with serged seams
    Model: Theresa-Xuan Bui
  • Tributo Al Sacraficio
    Stills from video performance.
    Dress: found plastic, color lights, ribbon, yarn, thread​​​​​​​
  • Snake Skin and Rose
    Bag Snake Skin: freehand embroidery on plastic, ribbon
    Garments Rose: macrame, yarn, synthetic fabrics, scorched seams
    Model: Darian Murray
  • MY BODY / Energy / Organ
    Headpiece MY BODY: hand embroidery on mask, in Old English font
    Top Energy: tapestry weaving made into tube top styled shirt, found fabrics, ribbon, MX dyed yarns
    Bag Organ: Off loom "honeycomb" style (inverted), rope
     Documented by Ariana Bendana 
  • Océano | Vientre
    From video Performance.
    Steel, fabric, wire