2D Animations 2012

  • Started my Animation major with Intro to 2D animation: a great class on the fundamentals of basic animating. The videos below are the best i did for this class and development of more works to come:
    Materials i used:
    Light Box
    Pencil and paper
    Photoshop and Flash (for edits)
    and a lot of papers...
  • Intro to 2D Animation Seminar Final:
    Bus stop
    A girl misses her bus and ends up waiting for the next one with a grumpy stranger. Does she keep her distance, or reach out?
  • 'Bus stop' Intro to 2D animation 
    Storyboard sequence
  • Final sketches and designs for "Bus stop'" Animation
    Traditional sketches+digital media
  • "Lip sync project"
    Movie Clip used: "Bruce Almighty"
  • "Heavy Weight" Practice
  • An old homework from my Freshman class.