Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • Optical Illusion I
    Photography, mixed media painting, 2018
    The series of photographs from 'Optical Illusion' project question the definition of the reality and our understanding of it. Do we see the same things differently? I created an illusion by making people look flat. This way the viewers will analyse what they see and come to the question - what is an illusion and if our life is an illusion?
    Photograph by Gianna Chun
  • Optical Illusion II
    Photography, mixed media painting, 2018
    Photograph by Gianna Chun
  • Portraits of Parents 
    Graphite, acrylic, colored pencils, 11''x7'' each, 2018
    The Diptych devoted to my parents and based on European and Russian traditional patterns and motifs.
  • Abstraction vs Realism
    Oil on canvas, 24''x36'', 2018
    In this artwork I was exploring how abstraction and realism could work together in the most visually effective way.
  • Faded.Self-Portrait
    Graphite, 18''x24'', 2018
  • Sloth. Full-sized self-portrait
    Charcoal pencil, 7'x4', 2018
    The depiction of myself as one of the Seven Deadly sins(Sloth). 
  • Portrait of Father
    Collage on board, pins, 26''x34'', 2018
  • Poster for Baltimore's Garden
    Papercut, collage, digital, 14''x17'', 2018
  • Portrait of Patric
    Oil on canvas, 16''x20'', 2018
  • Self-portrait as an artist
    Oil on canvas, 20''x20'', 2018