Increasing interest of UAE in Artificial intelligence

  • Increasing interest of UAE in Artificial intelligence and future prospects for the country:

    We all have grown up in a world watching Science fiction thrillers where everything was automated and everything was done without the person having to make an effort. All the tough and difficult tasks were done by machines. Probably many of us might not have noticed this but we are actually living in such a world. All our tasks are now taken up by the machinery and we have to just sit back and watch it work. All you have to do is to give commands to the machinery and your work would be done soon. But what is next?

    This is not a farfetched idea that the day when we do not have to give commands to the machinery is not that far away. Scientists have been working very hard to make machinery that is capable of thinking itself. That is why projects of artificial intelligence are being worked on in different countries. Mostly USA, Europe and Japan take leads in such ventures but this are not something that any developed country would want to ignore. That is the reason why UAE has developed a keen interest in Artificial intelligence.

    Since many businessmen are interested in offshore company formation in Dubai, the chances are that investment in artificial intelligence would not be an issue for the UAE. In all the countries of Middle East, UAE has shown most interest in Artificial intelligence. They have understood the fact that by 2030 almost 45% of the world’s economy would be based on Artificial intelligence and whoever takes the leads is going to gain a lot of benefits in future to come.

    All the benefits that could be expected of artificial intelligence would make almost all the fields of business grow. It is a fact that the abilities of men are limited in certain cases except for the fact that they have consciousness and intelligence and the ability to think. But if this thing is also done by the machines and computer the prospects of changing how things work are numerous. From accounting to research and development, artificial intelligence has the capacity to change the picture altogether.

    This is the reason why UAE has even made a whole ministry dealing with the artificial intelligence and they have already succeeded in making systems that are changing the way things work in their country. Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in UAE and people are largely interested in Dubai mainland company setup for their business. If the city also starts providing the products and services that will help these people employ artificial intelligence, there won’t be anything stopping it from become one of the major power in the world without even having to depend on oil and petroleum products.

    But at the same time the employment of artificial intelligence raise many questions too. What if the machines take over all the jobs that were previously done by people? In this world full of capitalism all the money is concentrated in the hands of certain people and others are working for them and earning some money to keep their life going. If all the jobs are taken up by machines then there are chances of mass unemployment. But different people and governments have different responses to this. Many believe that even if the conventional jobs would be taken up by the artificial intelligence but there must be some jobs that include managing all these new machines and at this time the need of man would arise once again. Hence all the aspects are in front of the world and UAE does not want to stand back instead of enjoying the benefits of AI.