MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019

  • MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019
  • Emperical 
    Print Publication Design
    Typeface Design (as seen at content headers, the distorted font)
    Logo Design

    Self-Created Imagery through coding, scanner disortion and photoshop
    Emperical is a 101 page publication design I created about Experimental design. 
  • Horror Movie Poster based off of the Sixth Sense
    Animated poster (gif) & still poster​​​​​​​ 
  • Rodger & Goffigon Catalog
    Print Catalog Design
    Logo Design
    Assignment for Typography III, we were randomly assigned a company to create a catalog, logo, and colatoral piece for. I received Rodger & Goffigon, a textile company. The catalog is a total of 37 pages.
  • Maryland Motor Vehicle Association
    Form Redesign
    MVA Logo Redesign
    MVA Rebrand
    Holding form design (folder)
    Coloring Page

    Creating a new identity for the MVA to create a better experience.Through the fun colors, motivational quotes on the back of each form, and additional coloring page I created a more fun and welcoming experience/ brand for  Motor Vechile Association.
  • Vogue Documentary
    Editorial Video design made in Aftereffects (1:30)

    This documentry explores the history of Vogue mastheads and body language through editorial posing.