• My Predicaments – Summer Typography Intensive 2018 Final 
  • As my final Typography project, I was given the choices to do either a type specimen or a series of 3 zines. My topic was based on the challenges I encounter everyday, quo-on-quo "first world problems." The zine series is meant to explore expressive typography and humorous interpretations of inconvenient situations.
  • I. Ideation:
    I started with a name dump, trying to come up with topics and stories that interest me. Then I select my top 3 and began to write up the script. The stories are simple as they were pulled from daily inconvenience and disturbance. I approached this project with a humorous and very human point of view, much less technical than I would for other projects.
  • 1. Collection of Names, Topics, and Copywriting Works
  • II. Process:
    After editing the content, I started to lay out the text. To fit into 8 pages of zine, the content must be cut down to the maximum but still has to remain clear and satirical. The images in these zines are footages from my travels, live screenshots (as I was making these zines, my computer crashed so many times), and scanned-in objects. The images then are treated in a riso-esque style, giving them the grains and vibrance of risograph printing.
  • III. Result:
    3 Zines – full of self-criticisms and laments of unfavorable situations.